Why Hunting Is a Popular Activity Globally

Why Hunting Is a Popular Activity Globally

The hunting society is usually under criticism by activists because of killing them for sport.

The hunting society is usually under criticism by activists because of killing them for sport. Hunters usually enjoy their sport the same way other people like their hobbies, otherwise, they wouldn’t be killing such beautiful beasts. Shame is brought to hunters in today’s society since activists are always in courts trying to ban hunting as a sport. In countries where wildlife is available, government officials are usually bribed by wealthy individuals for hunting licenses. The wildlife population in recent years has continued to grow smaller since poaching activities are rampant each year. A lot of those beautiful creatures have gone extinct which animal activists are trying to avoid. The fact that human beings are omnivorous creatures, means that their love for meat will always be in them.

Our brains release a hormone that

Our brains release a hormone that makes humans feel good when we do certain things necessary for living like eating or having sexual relations. The first community on this had to hunt or gather food or else they would starve to death. The hormone which is known as dopamine is what makes modern-day hunters addicted to hunting not for food, but for excitement. When you successfully complete your first kill, there is no turning back for you will feel like killing again. Whether people argue or not, the fact is that humans are primitive hunters since ancient times. Killing for other purposes and not to eat is ungodly that is why it is banned in several countries. Take what you can eat, leave the others to roam freely.

To patiently wait for an animal

To patiently wait for an animal and strike it at the perfect moment resulting in its death, is a great achievement. People living around forest areas can never go hungry since you can just hunt for a wild rabbit or other edible creatures. Hunters argue that wild species are not helpless or innocent. Predators in the wildlife kingdom don’t show mercy to humans, especially when hunger strikes, a lion will kill you within minutes, and you probably will not see it coming. Sharks are known to attack innocent beach lovers, crocodiles have killed many children who go to fetch water in crocodile-filled rivers. When elephants invade your farm, they will destroy everything leaving you counting losses from the destroyed crops.

Why Hunting Is a Popular Activity Globally

Humans like being in social groups, and hunting societies are groups people join to feel that they belong. It improves the mental health of citizens, instead of killing fellow humans, hunters can do other activities. Wildlife products like horns are valuable in underground markets worldwide, some hunters do it to earn a living, although it is illegal, while arrests are made every year. To maintain the ecological system, some creatures need to be reduced in numbers. When predators are allowed to overpopulate in the park, for example, herbivorous species will all be killed which makes the ecological system unbalanced. If herbivorous species are allowed to overpopulate, vegetation will be wiped out leading to famine or drought.

Experienced hunters will tell you that livestock kept in large farms are fed with antibiotics so much that the meat becomes unsafe. They prefer meat from an animal that has fed on natural vegetation, some diseases are caused by eating processed food. Fishing is a traditional practice that creates a bonding experience between a father and his kid. Through catching food, kids are taught valuable life lessons which makes them pillars of the society in the future. Wild life should not be allowed near urban areas for the diseases they may carry end up causing outbreaks in human populations.

Some cultures hunt beasts as a rite of passage, for boys to graduate into young men, elders sent them in the wild to kill and bring home the head or skin of a vicious predator like lions. Educational programs should be given to rookie hunters so that when many carry out their activities, species of wild creatures do not become extinct. Cook the meat properly since there is no way of telling whether that animal was sick, this will prevent you from infecting yourself with a deadly illness. Illegal wildlife hunters need to be arrested then brought to justice, always get a license first. Activists along with hunters need to come together to team up to conserve the environment and its vast resources.