Reasons Why There’s No Name Of The First Person That Ever Lived on Earth

If there’s something that we’ll never agree on, is the name of the first leader that lived on Earth.

If there’s something that we’ll never agree on, is the name of the first leader that lived on Earth. This is because each person comes from societies that have different norms and practices. While some have well-established systems of leadership, others don’t know what leadership is all about. The question of who was the first leader on Earth can be answered based on your understanding about the general spectrum of leadership. There’s no doubt that it’s one area that has attracted conflicting opinions across the board. To make matters worse, there’s no written evidence that have provided specific answers to the question. More importantly, these names varies based on religious beliefs together with geographical locations.

For example, Simon Peter is regarded

For example, Simon Peter is regarded as the first leader by Christian faithful. He assumed leadership roles when he led the Apostles at the Pentecost. According to the Bible, it occurred after death and resurrection of Jesus Christ something that’s still being celebrated till now. Apart from leading the Apostles, Simon Peter used to preach to what to multitudes. During Peter’s time as a leader, a man who was crippled was healed by God through his power. It’s good to state that Peter’s leadership also affected some Jewish customs and traditions which saw them abolished.

However, everything will change when you

However, everything will change when you decide to go to Mongolia where Genghis Khan is regarded the first leader. It’s important to note that Genghis Khan who lived between1162 and1227 earned respect for various reasons. Genghis Khan defeated all odds and succeeded in establishing one largest kingdom in the region even though his family background was humble. With the help that he received from societies that lived in the nearby plateau, he succeeded in establishing the largest empire that extended from Central Asia to present day China. It’s good to note that his plans succeeded after uniting different tribes that used to live around the Mongolian plateau. Genghis Khan managed to expand the territory between part of Central Asia and China.

Reasons Why There's No Name Of The First Person That Ever Lived on Earth

According to information published in History Extra, they managed to control more than 11 million square miles during Khan’s reign. On the negative side, Khan’s reign witnessed brutal killings of the opponents more so when there was invasion. Reports show that Genghis Khan died at the age of 65 in a war against Xi Xia Kingdom. Another school of thought says that Igrish-Halam from Ebla’s Kingdom should be declared as the first leader to ever live on Earth. It’s worth stating that the kingdom of Ebla which is regarded as the World Power existed between 3100 and 3000 BCE. At one point, it was reported that Igrish-Halam managed to control more than sixty kingdoms.

Unfortunately, Igrish-Halam’s name does not feature in the historical list that recognizes Sakume who lived beyond 3100 BCE as the kingdom’s first ruler. This is different with modern families where somebody who’s considered to be strong and capable assumes the position of leading. As whether he’ll be the first leader depends on when that group was formed. Several things change when you go to Southern Mesopotamia to have a word with the Sumerians. Sumerians are remembered for being the founders of civilizations that have transformed the continent.

Even with their rich knowledge in civilization, they never provided a name of their first leader. Southern Mesopotamia has a history that date back to 25000 BC even though the list of their kings dates back only to around 3500 BC. When you read through their list you’ll discover that their first king was known as Alulim. Consequently, historians believe that no professional leader lived before the Neolithic which we cannot agree wholeheartedly. There’s compelling evidence that whoever mastered an art of mobilization before Neolithic could still be selected to become a leader. Since the Neolithic saw the invention of professional leaders, you shouldn’t assume that no functional unit existed before then.

Research shows that even the smallest groups that lived in the most remote had a ruler at one point. It must be remembered that the poor state of technology coupled with high level of illiteracy before the Neolithic should be blamed for failure to provide names of leaders that lived on Earth. From these, we can say that there’s no clear record of any first leader that ever lived on Earth.