Hunting Is Cruel To Animals As It Causes Pain And Suffering

Hunting Is Cruel To Animals As It Causes Pain And Suffering

Hunting was started by the ancestors who performed it to protect themselves from dangerous predators.

Hunting was started by the ancestors who performed it to protect themselves from dangerous predators. The action has spread to the modern society, where it is done to provide food or as a sport. Traditionally, hunting was a necessity that was done for food. Modern wildlife management considers hunting as a way of controlling the population in an ecological niche. However, excess hunting is seen as a cruel activity that leads to the violation of animal’s rights.

Many methods, traditional and modern, are used for the killing of these wild animals. The best traditional hunting method was running while stalking the prey until it was unable to move. Those involved in the activity had features that adapted to run fast. They also used methods like bait traps to trap them or bow hunting. Among these traditional techniques, they trained dogs that were included in the hunting process. The selection of a method of hunting depends on the habitat of the population to be hunted.

Subsistence hunting is the killing of

In modern technology, many methods of hunting have been discovered, making the work easier. The three types of hunting, sport, subsistence, and therapeutic, are differentiated by the way they are used. Sport hunting is done to fulfill a person’s need or for recreation. Therapeutic is an act of killing wildlife intentionally due to an increase in their population. A particular species is intentionally killed to control the population and competition for resources in an entire ecosystem.

Subsistence hunting is the killing of wildlife to cater to human needs. According to Glenn Kirk, hunting is a form of abuse to animals that causes them to suffer. These animals cannot protect or defend themselves from hunters. This makes the hunters kill easily by setting traps; shooting makes it easier to kill since the animals are not adapted to defending against bullets. It is a dangerous act that causes a lot of suffering and even death to these creatures.

Animals can undergo chronic stress or

Like normal human beings, wild animals have families to take care of. Killing them separates them from their families, causing their young ones to suffer to death. These creatures are loved by their families, therefore, hunting one of them can cause stress in that family. The strong bond that is built by the members of the same species is torn apart when they are hunted and have to run to save their lives. Hunters can sometimes kill domestic animals accidentally making losses to the farmer.

Animals can undergo chronic stress or prolonged pain caused by injuries from hunters. A good example is the hunting of deers that do not die easily. The deers die only after two to three bullet shots, one shot can cause severe pain which can lead the deer to chronic stress. Hunters cause fear to the species and groups the target making them change their eating habits. This later affects their lives and bodies as they lack the energy that is required for survival; it can even cause an imbalance of the species in a particular ecosystem.

Hunting Is Cruel To Animals As It Causes Pain And Suffering

Compared to the animals hunting between themselves, those who hunt are not fair as they only kill supreme animals. Predators only kill preys that are weak in a particular population or species which is not the case with other people. As much as hunting is a legal action, overdoing it causes injuries and suffering to animals. Poaching is another act of hunting that is illegal but performed mostly. Poachers target the large animals that maintain the ecosystem balance or that are used as tourist attractions.

Elephants are hunted, killed, and their horns are taken by poachers who sell for their benefits. This affects the families of the killed animals and is a cruel action since the elephants are innocent. Despite the poachers poaching innocent animals, they are beneficial when it comes to eliminating animals that can cause harm to humans or livestock.

Pouching together with hunting can have some benefits to the environment. Populations of an ecosystem are kept at a healthy balance, reducing competition for needs and maintaining a group of animals. Those who are used to hunt claim that it relieves their stress and helps in improving their mental health. It is a source of food such as meat that is supplied to the markets, taking good care of human needs.