Can Animal Fur Protect You From Cold

Can Animal Fur Protect You From Cold

Killing of animals has become rampant in most countries such some animals are now getting extinct.

Killing of animals has become rampant in most countries such some animals are now getting extinct. In most developing countries, some live their entire life hunting animals without little or no control. To avoid this situation, some nations have created a wildlife reserve where animals are kept to protect from hunters. There are several reasons why hunters kill animals, aside from hunting them for food, animals are hunted because of the product obtained from them.

A most common factor behind killing of animals include using them as meat, to get hide from them, and also extract their bones with other parts like horns or tusks. Millions of people across different parts of the world feed daily on meat, especially beef. For most hunters, their main focus is not meat or beef from the animals. Some hunters are more interested in getting the vital parts from the animals like the hide or fur.

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The United States and parts of Europe are known to make different types of beefy wears that can help to sustain an individual during cold seasons. In China, more than 50% of the clothing that is made comes from animal skin. There are animals whose fur can allow them to live in cold regions. Most of these animals like Bison have a dense coat of fur, it can survive in any weather condition no matter how cold it can be.

That’s why hunters will go for animals with a chunky hide because their fur can be used to design clothing which can protect people from cold weather. The fur extracted from Bison is unique with different colors and texture, it is incredible such that to get a piece of it cost you a fortune. The good news is that the fur of a Bison can be durable, and it can last a lifetime, it is versatile capable of withstanding any environmental condition. The fur also consists of a thick hide which usually refers to the insulation, the hefty layer of the Bison can help product against coldness.

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Bison are huge, powerful, and aggressive, these features can be reflected like the skin. That’s why hunters will go for this animal not just to get meat from it but, the hefty layer of the skin which can be sold for over $10000 when processed. Another powerful animal with a broad skin is the Harp Seal, the skin of this animal looks beautiful and smooth such that it gives a good feeling when you touch it with your hands. Dresses made from animal skin have different textures; others are hefty and hairy while others have a smooth layer.

For those who want to go for a smooth and soft duvet, the Harp seal skin can be used to provide you with the best quality material you can ever think about. Apart from the coat, the flippers of the harp can be serving as heat exchangers. The product from this animal can be used to design thick wear for both children and adults. Different bed shirts and duvets can be designed with material from this animal. Another animal with fine skin that can fit into all categories of designs is the Himalayan Tahr, this is not a very common breed that you can find around like the antelope, elephants, and leopards.

Can Animal Fur Protect You From Cold

Most hunters consider this animal more like a wild goat that has a dense and reddish-brown woolly coat with a thick undercoat. In winter, you’ll be observing that the coat will become thicker making the animal resistant to any adverse weather condition. The male can be differentiated from the female by the large mane on their neck. The Tahr is a little scare, though it could only around the Himalayan mountain range. Unfortunately, the population of this beautiful creature has reduced due to hunting and loss of habitat.

Hunters have invaded their homes and made driven to distant places. The Musk Ox is a species whose fur can be sold for millions of dollars. The entire body of this fine creature is covered with thick fur. Just like the Poitou Donkey, these animals have a fine skin which is hairy and thick. Hunters have discovered that the hide from these animals can be more expensive than the meat they provide, this has increased the rate at which hunters kill these animals.